“Changing the world through unconditional, selfless love for all living things”.
That’s why My Source Solution has teamed up with InnerScience Research Fund for a higher purpose. Together, we can make a greater impact, for the greater good.

Purpose-Driven Brands

InnerScience Research Fund

At InnerScience Research Fund, we are passionate about the power of meditation to transform lives and help people reach their highest potential in body, mind and spirit.

Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to funding groundbreaking research that proves meditation’s role in the prevention and treatment of illness and disease, so that everyone is empowered to heal and thrive.

My Source Solution
My Source Solution is an environmentally CONSCIOUS business that is committed to making a GLOBAL impact for the greater good by promoting SUSTAINABILITY to protect our environment with the use of an alternative renewable energy resource to produce electricity. My Source Solution offers expert technical consulting services to manufacture wood pellets as a renewable energy resource to replace coal as an alternative fuel. This reduces carbon emissions by greatly reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps to protect our environment.


Read the latest research updates from the UCSD research team, led by Dr. Hemal Patel, PhD. 

August 2023

August 2023

“Publish or perish”. This phrase is learned early in academic training. It often describes the pressure researchers and academics face to continually produce and publish their work in reputable journals or other scholarly outlets to advance their careers. The concept reflects that in academia, the quantity and quality of a researcher’s publications play a crucial role in their reputation, career progression, tenure decisions, and overall success.

May 2023

May 2023

If you’ve been a subject in any of our recent studies, or you’ve seen one of our research presentations at an event, then you probably heard about FLIP. We are using the FLIP app to record a daily “video diary” of the research subjects’ experiences during the week-long events. The roughly 6-7 recordings from thousands of subjects serve as a unique record of the evolution of the human experience. Many describe these events as transformative, and our research aims to quantify transformation using this library as a unique way to inform and evolve the meditative practice.  

February 2023

February 2023

Science is a never-ending process of learning and discovery. We, as scientists, are always looking for new ways to learn about the world around us and improve our understanding of the universe. This process of continuous research is what makes science so exciting and dynamic. As we look to evolve our experiments to better understand the impact of meditation on the human condition, we consider again the community that is present at the weeklong events.


Maria Elena's Story

In 2019, Maria Elena had surgery to remove a brain tumor, plus radiation therapy. Despite that, the tumor came back the following year, so she went all-in on meditations. See the tests that now show the tumor is gone.

Suzanne's Story

Suzanne, a massage therapist, shared a meditation recording with a client who had just been diagnosed with cancer (metastasized melanoma throughout his body). She integrated the meditation into her treatments and shares what recent PET scans show.

Christian's Story

After a back injury, invasive surgery, and a diagnosis of myalgic encephalomyelitis, Christian reached a breaking point. Learn how his energy overcame his body’s habit of pain and weakness.

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