“Our core belief is the same as Dr. Joe Dispenza: that we are all greater than we think, more powerful than we know, and more unlimited than we could ever dream.”

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InnerScience Research Fund

At InnerScience Research Fund, we are passionate about the power of meditation to transform lives and help people reach their highest potential in body, mind and spirit.

Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to funding groundbreaking research that proves meditation’s role in the prevention and treatment of illness and disease, so that everyone is empowered to heal and thrive.

Ra Optics

We’re on a mission to help people to live and feel the way they deserve. We believe that we are all greater than we think, more powerful than we know, and more unlimited than we could ever dream.

At Ra Optics, we create light and light therapy products designed to illuminate the unlimited power that lives within all of us, and to inspire us to realize our greatest potential in this life.



Read the latest research updates from the UCSD research team, led by Dr. Hemal Patel, PhD. 

February 2024

February 2024

“The heart and the brraaaainnnn…”

This phrase you hear at events during meditations may be the key to understanding how the mind can change the body and how the heart can influence the mind.

My graduate studies at the Medical College of Wisconsin (from January 1999-May 2022) focused on stress adaptation in the heart. In the mid-1980s it was discovered that small amounts of stress protected the heart from a subsequent stress that was more lethal and toxic [1]. This concept, known as preconditioning, involves activating endogenous systems regulating kinases and protein modulators in the acute phase and altered gene response in a delayed phase. This process is also universal and can be coaxed in virtually all organs.

November 2023

November 2023

As we move into the final quarter of the year, it is a time to reflect on three very important things: the happenings over the past year, where we currently stand on the research, and what we have to look forward to immediately…Orlando is just around the corner as I write this! As always, our team at UC San Diego is so grateful for your support. We could not have done the immense amount of data analysis this past year without you! With your continued support, we can boldly look ahead to transform the role of meditation in healthcare and for our future research to develop deep insights into the mind-body connection.

August 2023

August 2023

“Publish or perish”. This phrase is learned early in academic training. It often describes the pressure researchers and academics face to continually produce and publish their work in reputable journals or other scholarly outlets to advance their careers. The concept reflects that in academia, the quantity and quality of a researcher’s publications play a crucial role in their reputation, career progression, tenure decisions, and overall success.


Maria Elena's Story

In 2019, Maria Elena had surgery to remove a brain tumor, plus radiation therapy. Despite that, the tumor came back the following year, so she went all-in on meditations. See the tests that now show the tumor is gone.

Suzanne's Story

Suzanne, a massage therapist, shared a meditation recording with a client who had just been diagnosed with cancer (metastasized melanoma throughout his body). She integrated the meditation into her treatments and shares what recent PET scans show.

Christian's Story

After a back injury, invasive surgery, and a diagnosis of myalgic encephalomyelitis, Christian reached a breaking point. Learn how his energy overcame his body’s habit of pain and weakness.

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