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Powered by InnerScience Research Fund, this documentary unveils groundbreaking discoveries about the profound impact of meditation on our mind and body. This powerful film celebrates Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work and the research being conducted by a team of dedicated scientists. Discover more about the mind’s extraordinary potential to influence the body. Witness stories of transformation, healing testimonials, and explore the research that is helping propel meditation and this work to the forefront of modern history. Get ready to be amazed!

InnerScience Research Fund is a nonprofit dedicated to funding research on the biological and physiological effects of meditation on the human body, empowering individuals to heal and thrive.

Our vision is a world where meditation is an integral part of the standard of care in preventing and treating illness and disease.

Explore the latest news, research and healing testimonials

Review scientific studies shifting the status quo

Support research that is changing the paradigm of health care

The old model of healthcare is prescribing a pill for whatever ails you. We believe in a new model of healthcare.

While there is a growing body of evidence of meditation’s role in improving health, it hasn’t moved the needle when it comes to shifting the standard of care for treating illness. We want to change that.

Our groundbreaking research is showing ordinary people doing the extraordinary – changing their physiology, changing their biological markers, and changing their lives, with the power of meditation.

We think the implications can change the world, and we invite you to join us.

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