January 2022

Meditation as a Healing Modality for Cancer

Over 600,000 people died of cancer in 2021, while 1.9 million new diagnoses were made. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. Though progress has been made in developing novel therapeutics, such as immunotherapy and precision medicine,  to battle a number of unique cancers,  these do not produce consistently effective results in every case and have potentially significant side effects that limit the patient’s quality of life.

Scientific research plays a vital role in advancing new therapeutic strategies and improving the quality of life for cancer patients. In this regard, the interest in alternative therapies has recently increased. Of these, mind-body techniques like Reiki, pranic healing, meditation, and praying have shown promise; however, they are understudied and lack rigorous scientific definitions of the healing process and direct mechanistic insights. 

Recent evidence suggests the release of unique factors after meditation and coherence healing as a potential method to modulate cancer biology. InnerScience Research is committed to supporting the development of novel alternative approaches to better understand and treat cancer. This will be the focus of our research in 2022.

Our groundbreaking research is showing ordinary people doing the extraordinary — changing their physiology, changing their biological markers, and changing their lives, with the power of meditation.

We think the implications can change the world, and we invite you to become a catalyst for change by joining our community of recurring donors.