Catalyst Spotlight: Sean Clayton on Elevating Humanity

Name: Sean Clayton

Occupation: Founder, Myosin (Venture growth consultancy)

Location: Atlanta, Miami, NYC, and Dallas

What led you to meditation?  I became very sick a few years ago and found a Dr. Joe video that changed my life as I was focused on medical means to fix my sickness, and surgery was the only option.  After listening to the video, I made a decision to change my thoughts and work to create from a new perspective. After a few months of meditation (and thinking through a lens of love) my scans were clear and I was healed. I realized at that moment my life would never be the same but had no idea how deep the rabbit hole would go.

How has meditation impacted your life? Through meditation, I am now able to realize that I am the humble creator of all that I have seen, witnessed and experienced.  Being sexually abused from ages 9-14, set me on a path of trauma, but through meditation, I found wisdom in that trauma and was able to see myself as a creator and not a victim. I learned that meditation and conscious awareness are the most foundational and healthy actions we and humanity can take. I have been through so much – from prison to depression, anxiety, thyroid issues, and homelessness – but now I am a creator and want nothing more than to be a service to humanity.

Why do you support InnerScience Research Fund? Seeing meditation perform miracles in my 3D form through health, abundance and creation have motivated me to get behind the beautiful work that InnerScience Research Fund is doing. Knowing that they have been able to harvest the love from this Community through meditation, and fund the science to promote the medicinal benefits of meditation is a tremendous vision, and will serve as an effective means to the universal practice of meditation.

How do you help spread the word about InnerScience? I am creating awareness about InnerScience through my current Peet network and will start creating alignment with a few Metaverse and Blockchain projects to accelerate the fundraising and push the work further.

If you could change one thing about our world, what would it be?  Moving the world from individuals to the community to elevate humanity in the eyes of love.

Our groundbreaking research is showing ordinary people doing the extraordinary — changing their physiology, changing their biological markers, and changing their lives, with the power of meditation.

We think the implications can change the world, and we invite you to become a catalyst for change by joining our community of recurring donors.