November 2023

Catalyst Spotlight: Matt Maruca on how to face life with a mindset of opportunity and unlimited possibility.

Name: Matt Maruca

What led you to meditation? As a kid I struggled with various health challenges, especially gut issues, allergies, and headaches. I tried Western medicine with little results. Eventually I started researching on my own and tried all sorts of diets to improve my health, and I learned about the concept of epigenetics, which meant to me that I might actually be able to overcome these issues by modifying something in my life, and I thought it was all about diet. I became obsessed with diets and food for several years and struggled because this is only a part of the picture. Then I came across a body of science proving that we are electromagnetic beings, in other words, our cells communicate using light and electricity, and that light has a massive impact on health. I became fascinated by this subject and started modifying my daily routine and lifestyle to be more exposed to natural sunlight and to minimize artificial light, among many other practices. I improved in my physical and mental condition, however I still struggled mentally. At a certain point, I realized that I had to really change my approach because I was still unhappy inside. I had heard about Dr. Joe Dispenza so I decided to check out his work. It made sense, considering all of the science I had studied previously, and I was really excited by the possibility of being able to change my health, genetic expression, and my life with my mind alone.

How has meditation impacted your life? Meditation has transformed my life. I feel more calm, centered, grounded, and self-aware in general. I feel like I’m “in control” (to the extent that I can be) in my life and my emotional reactions, in particular, to the circumstances around me or within me. I went from living constantly and stress and survival and really not knowing how to “escape” to being able to see when I’m in that state, and knowing that I’m not always there. Now my life is filled with a significantly greater portion of positive states of being and elevated emotions, and growing and improving every day. I’ve learned how to face situations without a default pessimistic attitude, which I wasn’t even aware of—rather, how to face things with a mindset of opportunity and unlimited possibility. I feel deeply called to continue to practice and embody this knowledge and share it with the world.

Why do you support InnerScience Research Fund? There are many great causes around the world, however, for me, teaching people that they create their life and that they are in control of their emotional reactions is one of the greatest causes we could ever consider, especially considering all of the challenges occurring in the world today. Just one person changing their consciousness could change the entire world. So, of all the causes that we can support, for me, investing in the science of raising human consciousness is one of the greatest.

If you could change one thing about our world, what would it be? I would make God cool again 🙂 !

How do you help spread the word about InnerScience? We are working on a variety of strategies. I tell tons of people about the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza and InnerScience via my podcast appearances and social media content. I’ve probably sent dozens of people at least to weeklong retreats, and brought hundreds more awareness of the information.

As a company, we are working on social media, email, blog, and other content strategies to share information about our partnership. In particular, anyone who purchases the “Dispenza” frame, or even looks at it, will learn a bit about Dr. Joe Dispenza and InnerScience. Over a year, thousands and thousands of people will look at that frame style, bringing exposure to people who we may never have expected, or may never have come across this information in another way.

The Last Word I am so grateful for people like Dr. Joe Dispenza and the team at InnerScience doing the work that they are doing to help people free their minds and open their hearts. It has completely transformed my life and I look forward to an amazing journey that we will share together in this work.

Our groundbreaking research is showing ordinary people doing the extraordinary — changing their physiology, changing their biological markers, and changing their lives, with the power of meditation.

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