Community is the future. That’s why Evan Care has teamed up with InnerScience Research Fund for a higher purpose. Together, we can make a greater impact, for the greater good.

Purpose-Driven Brands

InnerScience Research Fund

At InnerScience Research Fund, we are passionate about the power of meditation to transform lives and help people reach their highest potential in body, mind and spirit.

Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to funding groundbreaking research that proves meditation’s role in the prevention and treatment of illness and disease, so that everyone is empowered to heal and thrive.

Evan Care

Evan Care believes in stustainability, locally-sourced, natural ingredients, and empowering people to feel good about themselves and live their best lives.

That’s why we have joined forces with InnerScience Research Fund, to support groundbreaking science which can change the paradigm of healthcare and positively impact lives around the world.


Read the latest research updates from the UCSD research team, led by Dr. Hemal Patel, PhD. 

May 2022

May 2022

In San Diego we launched two large studies, one standalone and the other encompassing three related investigations. The standalone study, named IMAGINE (Integrating MAGnetic Imaging with rich pheNotypE) will be the first study using Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations to integrate functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) with qEEG, biometrics, blood work, and health surveys.

January 2022

January 2022

January was a big month! It was the launch of InnerScience Research Fund during a Livestream event that reached nearly 30,000 people on January 14, 2022, and the information is continuing to resonate in communities far and wide. The primary conclusion – that the mind has the power to create biology to adapt the individual and community to a myriad of diseases – is powerful.


Maria Elena's Story

In 2019, Maria Elena had surgery to remove a brain tumor, plus radiation therapy. Despite that, the tumor came back the following year, so she went all-in on meditations. See the tests that now show the tumor is gone.

Suzanne's Story

Suzanne, a massage therapist, shared a meditation recording with a client who had just been diagnosed with cancer (metastasized melanoma throughout his body). She integrated the meditation into her treatments and shares what recent PET scans show.

Christian's Story

After a back injury, invasive surgery, and a diagnosis of myalgic encephalomyelitis, Christian reached a breaking point. Learn how his energy overcame his body’s habit of pain and weakness.

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Our groundbreaking research is showing ordinary people doing the extraordinary — changing their physiology, changing their biological markers, and changing their lives — not with a pill, but with the power of meditation.

We think the implications can change the world, and we invite you to become a catalyst for change by joining our community of recurring donors.